Women’s World Cup

July - August 2023

The teams are locked in and the world is ready to catch all the action!

Barrack for your team this July and August at The Old Bailey, Wellington’s home of the Women’s World Cup.

We’re showing all NZ games, plus selected matches.

Heading to watch a match at the Stadium? Fuel up beforehand at ours.

Wellington Regional Stadium Matches:

  • Spain v Costa Rica: 21 July (7.30pm NZDT)
  • Sweden v South Africa: 23 July (5pm NZDT)
  • Football Ferns v Philippines: 25 July (5.30pm NZDT)
  • USA v Netherlands: 27 July (1pm NZDT)
  • Sweden v Italy: 29 July (7.30pm NZDT)
  • Japan v Spain: 31 July (7pm NZDT)
  • South Africa v Italy: 2 August (7pm NZDT)
  • Round of 16: 1C v 2A: 5 August (8pm NZDT)
  • Quarterfinal Match: 11 August (1pm NZDT)